16" and 20" Axial Blowers

16" and 20" Axial Blowers

Item Number: 334203291

Vendor: Allegro Industries

  • $1,306.82

Designed for large confined spaces and easy stacking for multiple blower use. Delivers high output for drawing or pushing air. Constructed with durable orange metal housing. Standard and explosion-proof 16” blowers have a 1/2 hp motor. High-output blowers have a 2 hp motor with 3-blade impeller on the 16” model and 4-blade impeller on the 20” model. Orange. Explosion-proof blowers include single phase motor and are UL®/CSA listed and NEMA rated 115 V plug. Meet Class l, Division 1 and 2, Group C and D, Class ll, Division 1 and 2, Group F and G.

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