Carry-Air™ and Wall-Air™ Filtration Panels

Carry-Air™ and Wall-Air™ Filtration Panels

Item Number: 9873

Vendor: Allegro Industries

  • $2,159.09

Air filtration panels convert shop air used for pneumatic tools and equipment to clean breathable air. Provides 1-8 airline respirators with a portable source of up to 15, 30, 60 or 100 CFM of breathable air at 5-125 psi. The 3-stage filtration system purifies compressed air removing water, oil and particulate contaminants. Carry-Air AC/DC-powered unit is housed in a rugged Pelican™ case for portability and protection. Includes a support stand for stability and upright operation. Meets NIOSH requirements for point-of-attachment.

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