GlideLoc® Ladder Climbing System Kits (Rail)

GlideLoc® Ladder Climbing System Kits (Rail)

Item Number: 341591301

Vendor: Miller

  • $804.90

Continuous fall protection for climbing fixed ladders. Kits provide innovative solution for vertical climbing that is easy-to-use, requires minimal maintenance and provides superior safety. Easy-climb system offers hands-free safety at height. Unique design keeps hands free for climbing. Engineered for smooth operation for ascending/descending. Easy to order and install do-it-yourself kits. Durable, galvanized steel construction for extended service life. Accommodates multiple workers (1 worker per section of rail). Ideal for permanent ladder applications including: wind power/turbines, telecommunications, utilities, industrial facilities, drilling rigs/platforms, shipbuilding, crane installation and confined space. Kits include GlideLoc rail, gated top and bottom end-stops, ladder attachment brackets and hardware. GlideLoc fall arresters sold separately.

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