StopFall™ Fall Restraint Systems

StopFall™ Fall Restraint Systems

Item Number: 341551231

Vendor: Miller

  • $905.73

Provides user-friendly, reliable work positioning and fall arrest system for climbing wooden poles. Specifically designed with 75" pole strap max. length and features 21" security strap with unique gaffs that “bite” into wooden poles. Fits wood pole size 25"-50" circumference. Meets CSA Standard Z259.14-99 for Type A and Type AB.
Polyester pole strap features:
• Integral steel reinforcement band which maintains shape
• Rugged neoprene wear pad for increased service life
• Double-locking snap hooks and length adjuster assembly
• Two-piece spring assembly to prevent a continual electric path
• Stainless steel dome stops to prevent security strap from inadvertently sliding off end of wear pad
Specially-designed security strap features:
• Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel hardware
• Spring-loaded gaffs provide instant grip on wooden poles
• Nylon rollers permit free movement of gaffs and minimize abrasion on strap
• Disconnect and length adjuster with “parking” feature for when strap is not in use

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